Make It Sound Fiction
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A podcast profoundly interested in picking apart pop culture media and narrative.

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    Captain Marvel Spoilercast

    Tyler and Nico talk thoroughly and utterly about their feelings regarding the new Captain Marvel film.

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    The Devil's Luck

    Tyler and Nico add about Baptiste's addition to the Overwatch roster and what it means for the state of the game overall.

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    Inside the Circle

    Tyler and Nico talk about the debate surrounding Apex Legends vs. Overwatch and what they find interesting about both.

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    Abyssal Canon, Lore Dictators and Wizard Shit

    Tyler and Nico do a deep dive on Mike Rugnetta's "Canon is an Abyss" essay and talk about the impacts of various factors on canon, how fandom interacts with lore and why maybe Tyler hates Dark Souls now.

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    The Show Must Go On...and On...and On

    Tyler and Nico talk about the season (SERIES?) finale for Steven Universe and dig deeper into the nature of franchises not stopping where they should.

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    Mete and Potatoes

    Tyler and Nico talk about what they've been watching on TV lately: the lack of interest in True Detective season 3, as well as Sex Education.

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    The Sexism Special!

    Tyler and Nico go deep into the "Ellie" controversy and what sexism contributes to the e-sports community at large.

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    Super Into the Spider-Verse

    Tyler and Nico talk about Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse as well as answer a reader letter about the responsibility of gaming press.

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