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A podcast profoundly interested in picking apart pop culture media and narrative.

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    Key Frames

    Tyler and Nico talk about the passing of Stephen Hillenberg, Spongebob Squarepants and growing up with animation in their lives, as well as answer reader letters.

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    You'll Want A Dose Of This

    Tyler and Nico talk about Riot's latest offerings with K/DA and Neeko, and what gay representation and re-envisioning characters looks like.

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    Bob, Do Something

    Tyler and Nico give a full breakdown of Blizzcon - the highs and lows.

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    The Good, The Bad, And The Labor Inequality

    Tyler and Nico talk about everything Red Dead Redemption 2: labor exploitation, why the game tries to ape the cinematic, and how Westerns are shoddy fiction.

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    To the Coolest Girl in the World

    Tyler and Nico talk about Eighth Grade, the new indie film written and directed and Bo Burnham, and what they liked and disliked about the film.

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    Terrible Television Men

    Tyler and Nico talk about why media has such a love of making men with very low moral character entertaining, or worse, sympathetic.

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    Feminism isn't a Genre

    Tyler and Nico talk about how to navigate media criticism that is both about the art but also the politics, and what it means when artists let outside analytics influence their work.

    Special thanks to Twitter user @donniemnemonic for his tweets about Fukanaga.

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    Like A Slipknot Band Mask

    Tyler and Nico talk about what precisely keeps them from watching a lot of horror and horror-adjacent content, as well as a review of the film Mandy.

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    Tyler and Nico talk about how they've come into their media consumption habits, why match chat in games is toxic, as well as the closing of Telltale Games.

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    Can Yogg'Saron Be Hot?

    Tyler and Nico talk about where exactly World of Warcraft's story is heading next, if anywhere and we go into why games with persistent end-game content like Warcraft and Destiny 2 can be unhealthy for players.

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