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A podcast profoundly interested in picking apart pop culture media and narrative.

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    Inside the Circle

    Tyler and Nico talk about the debate surrounding Apex Legends vs. Overwatch and what they find interesting about both.

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    Abyssal Canon, Lore Dictators and Wizard Shit

    Tyler and Nico do a deep dive on Mike Rugnetta's "Canon is an Abyss" essay and talk about the impacts of various factors on canon, how fandom interacts with lore and why maybe Tyler hates Dark Souls now.

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    The Show Must Go On...and On...and On

    Tyler and Nico talk about the season (SERIES?) finale for Steven Universe and dig deeper into the nature of franchises not stopping where they should.

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    Mete and Potatoes

    Tyler and Nico talk about what they've been watching on TV lately: the lack of interest in True Detective season 3, as well as Sex Education.

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    The Sexism Special!

    Tyler and Nico go deep into the "Ellie" controversy and what sexism contributes to the e-sports community at large.

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    Super Into the Spider-Verse

    Tyler and Nico talk about Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse as well as answer a reader letter about the responsibility of gaming press.

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    All of Geoff Keighley's Best Friends

    Tyler and Nico talk about last week's Game Awards - the highlights, the low moments and also what happens when games journalism stops doing it's job.

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    Key Frames

    Tyler and Nico talk about the passing of Stephen Hillenberg, Spongebob Squarepants and growing up with animation in their lives, as well as answer reader letters.

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    You'll Want A Dose Of This

    Tyler and Nico talk about Riot's latest offerings with K/DA and Neeko, and what gay representation and re-envisioning characters looks like.

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    Bob, Do Something

    Tyler and Nico give a full breakdown of Blizzcon - the highs and lows.

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    The Good, The Bad, And The Labor Inequality

    Tyler and Nico talk about everything Red Dead Redemption 2: labor exploitation, why the game tries to ape the cinematic, and how Westerns are shoddy fiction.

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    To the Coolest Girl in the World

    Tyler and Nico talk about Eighth Grade, the new indie film written and directed and Bo Burnham, and what they liked and disliked about the film.

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    Terrible Television Men

    Tyler and Nico talk about why media has such a love of making men with very low moral character entertaining, or worse, sympathetic.

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    Feminism isn't a Genre

    Tyler and Nico talk about how to navigate media criticism that is both about the art but also the politics, and what it means when artists let outside analytics influence their work.

    Special thanks to Twitter user @donniemnemonic for his tweets about Fukanaga.

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    Like A Slipknot Band Mask

    Tyler and Nico talk about what precisely keeps them from watching a lot of horror and horror-adjacent content, as well as a review of the film Mandy.

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    Tyler and Nico talk about how they've come into their media consumption habits, why match chat in games is toxic, as well as the closing of Telltale Games.

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    Can Yogg'Saron Be Hot?

    Tyler and Nico talk about where exactly World of Warcraft's story is heading next, if anywhere and we go into why games with persistent end-game content like Warcraft and Destiny 2 can be unhealthy for players.

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    The Maker Space of Rivia

    Tyler and Nico talk about the new actor cast for Netflix's upcoming Witcher TV series, the simplicity of creativity in woodworking videos as well as what Tyler believes the point of the Dark Souls series is.

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    Power Fantasies

    Tyler and Nico discuss what Hollow Knight is missing, why Warcraft is messing up the gear scaling, and why Netflix doesn't have social features.

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    For Gamers, By Gamers

    Tyler and Nico discuss Cyberpunk 2077's team as well as CD Projekt Red's overall image issues, and the new cinematic, "Shooting Star."

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    Other Disgusting Adjectives

    Tyler and Nico discuss frustration with mechanics when playing video games, as well as what it's like to consume trash media.

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    No Strong Feelings

    Tyler and Nico discuss what has interested (and confused) them about the new Castle Rock show, as well as puzzling over fandoms around Detroit Become Human and how to mix criticism into those communities.

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    The Spectrum Retweet

    Tyler and Nico discuss Warcraft embedding atrocities into their game and the jokes made about it, and when games overstay their welcome.

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    Kissing Diamonds

    Tyler and Nico discuss what they love and what frustrates them about the latest season of Steven Universe, how fandoms around media operate and what getting back into World of Warcraft's lore has been like.

    Content warning: There is a spoiler-full discussion of Steven Universe's latest season from 15:00 until 33:57.

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    In Space, Corporations Can't Hear You Scream

    Tyler and Nico discuss the finer points of Tacoma's anti-capitalist sci-fi message, and why Overwatch is suddenly buffing all of their supports except Mercy.

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    Rotating Lines

    Tyler and Nico discuss the fundamentals of puzzle games and how they teach us, as well as what it is like to be high level in Overwatch, and why film trailers are cut the way they are.

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    Cowards and Criticism

    Tyler and Nico discuss the ArenaNet firings as well as how the industry treats its employees, why feedback from fans should be invisible and dealing with self-criticism and mental illness in competitive games.

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    All's Fair in Love and Hamsters

    Tyler and Nico discuss why gaming has an allergy for portraying friendships and other relationships, particularly among women, the new Symmetra changes in Overwatch and why the hell there's a hamster in the game now.

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    Globular Shapes

    Tyler and Nico discuss what makes good boobs in Dark Souls, why L.A. Noire isn't precisely of the noir genre, and what's the deal with new heroes in Overwatch.

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    A Beautiful Landscape and a Gun

    Tyler and Nico talk about their impressions from the E3 show, the particulars of visual storytelling in video games as well as why they decided to start a podcast.

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